Speaker Programs

Plum BoaHutchinson Associates, ha! is a network  of motivational and inspirational speakers and educators specializing in humor, team-building and customer service for over 20 years.  We are dedicated to providing your business with the tools you need to improve productivity and employee satisfaction through keynote speaking presentations and training programs.


New Keynote Offering!

Balance Is a Bad Word: Creating Harmony at Home and at Work

Based on the book, Laugh Yourself Happy:  Kids Say Delightful Things, and the popular workshop, Humor in the Workplace.  Learn how to go beyond balance to happiness with both your family and co-workers.

Work/life balance continues to be a hot topic for many people.  Seeking balance often poses a problem; we expect balance to look like the scales of justice.  Explore how to create peace and harmony at home while succeeding at work, including the use of laughter and play.

For more information about other programs with Hutchinson Associates, ha! go to http://www.haha-team.com/keynote_speaker.html


One thought on “Speaker Programs

  1. Carol Schirmers Johnson

    I have ordered 2 books. If I should ever need a speaker, This sounds very interesting. I have seen my own children get into a laughing spell like the little video. Very fun. What state are you from? Wondering how far it would be to have you come?
    Thanks, Carol



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