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A practical, pithy, playful gift for yourself or a loved one, Laugh Yourself Happy is chock-full of 170 one-liners, short stories, fun quotes, 21 photos of children laughing, plus one fabulous frown and a laughing cat. Increase your laughter quotient. Young children laugh a few hundred times a day, grown-ups maybe a dozen. This book promises to double, if not triple or quadruple, your laughter quota for the day.

It’s not all fun and games, though… funny anecdotes are interspersed with wisdom from author Linda Hutchinson’s experiences, and the wisdom of others. As you laugh along, you’ll also ponder your own life experiences and think about your personal journey with humor.

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Hutchinson is a curator of humor, and in Laugh Yourself Happy, she assembles essays, stories and anecdotes, all in the high service of spreading smiles and laughter.”

             —Lorna Landvik, author of Best to Laugh and Patty Jane’s House of Curl


“This is a funny book. . . It is difficult to be humorous about humor, but somehow Linda Hutchinson pulls it off . . . and then she (sometimes) puts it back on. . . Whatever your expectations, no one who opens this delightful book will be disappointed.”

–Ernest Kurtz, co-author of Experiencing Spirituality: Finding Meaning through Storytelling


“I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book.  Many of the stories shook a chuckle out of me.  I wish I had kept count.  Not only is this a great little “bathroom book,” if you know what I mean; but it’s also full of great ice breakers for kicking off a workshop or a talk of any kind. The real beauty of a book like this is that it can serve in so many capacities.”

–Karen Casey, national best-selling author of Each Day a New Beginning


“Had to send copies to friends and family today (Christmas Eve), a time to remember to Laugh Yourself Happy! This delightful, fun, quick read reminded me of the well-known phrase: Out of the mouth of babes. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face and LOL. It had me remember with fondness some of my own ‘crazy’ family’s funny times. Thanks, Linda Hutchinson, for doing what most people don’t take the time to do: I could write a book about that. And you did! Highly recommended.” – Amazon Reader


“Children are so honest and so very funny! Hilarious stories wrapped around a thoughtful message of gathering the humor in your own family, Laugh Yourself Happy made me laugh a lot and also brought back lots of personal memories from my own childhood and beyond. Makes a great gift too!” – Amazon Reader


“Interspersed with the cute stories and photos are chapters that help you to explore humor in your own life, and how you can cultivate more. There are lots of great ideas and nuggets of wisdom. What a heartwarming book… not to mention a great gift for all ages.” – Amazon Reader


“Laugh Yourself Happy had me laughing out loud within minutes of beginning to read this excellent book. Author Linda Hutchinson shares numerous humorous comments and stories, shared by parents, grandparents and amused observers of the funny remarks and behaviors of children. The book demonstrates how parents and grandparents can find so much delight in the antics of their kids and grandkids. This is a quick, couldn’t-put-it- down read, perfect for those times when you need a good laugh- or several of them!” Amazon Reader


Laugh Yourself Happy:  Kids Say Delightful Things is 75 pages of fun, and published by Insight Publishing.

Click here to order Laugh Yourself Happy today!


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